Thank you so much for the support you've given us.  We have no doubt that you have greatly contributed to our son's progress and that we wouldn't be where we are now without your help and guidance.

- Mom of a 2 year old with suspected Apraxia of speech

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I will never forget how quickly my son responded to your work.  The whole family was using your tools on him everyday - even his brother and grandparents.

- Mom of a 12 year old

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Thank you for being such a wonderful speech therapist.  Working with you has made this experience far more enjoyable.  I look forward to all of our sessions.

- Mom of a late talker

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SPARK changed my son's life.  He spent forever in speech in school - I had no clue what he was learning - it wasn't till you worked with US, together as a family that his R was fixed in no time.

- Mom of a grade 4 student with a persistent sound error.