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 Specializing in
Early Language & Speech Sound Disorders
Serving Lethbridge & surrounding communities.
Virtual services available to all of Alberta, Yukon & NWT!

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Helping families to transform their child's gestures to words
&  garbled talk to clear speech 
Starts Here!


"You get the best out of others,
when you give the best of yourself."
- Harry Firestone

Donna Davies M.Sc., R-SLP (R) Registered Speech Language Pathologist

Hello , I'm Donna.  If you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or  even desperate with concern for your child's speech and language development, I can help.  I will give you the best of my professional experience to bring out your best as we journey together, transforming gestures to words or garbled talk  to clear speech.


With 30 years of professional practice and a love for helping the child who should be talking but has few to no words; the hard to understand child who has lots to say, but whose message is garbled; the older child who has had no success in achieving speech that sounds like their peers, I can help.



Choose a path that feels right

Strapped forTime?

Monthly consultation is the perfect solution for working on speech & language. Together we will identify what you most want to work on and then build a goal ... what would you like your child to be doing 1 month, 3 months or 6 months from now?  

Need individualized Help?

Regular, one-on-one visits are a perfect solution for more targeted work on speech & language.  Together will identify what you most want to work on and then build a goal.  Each visit will strategically work towards achievement of the goal.  

Persistent sound Errors?

SPARK is our customized home sound practice program for the older child struggling with persistent articulation errors.  The emphasis is on ensuring YOU have the skills, material and activities you need to move your child to success! 

Need Encouragement?


Coaching & Cheerleading is a new and unique service option for families struggling with the everyday demands of being a parent while trying to encourage speech & language skills.

We will coach you and support you as you try on different strategies ... finding just the right ones that works for you.

Feeling Overwhelmed?


Many agencies and private service providers complete speech & language assessments and provide your child with a diagnosis but you are left asking "now what?"  Have questions about educational programming or do you just need help understanding all the service jargon?  We can help you make sense of it all.

In need of Camaraderie?


Parent workshops and support groups coming soon!

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