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I've always been a Speech-Language Pathologist!

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Well, technically if you count the few years I worked in retail after high school and the 6 years it took to graduate with my Masters of Speech-Language Pathology I haven't ALWAYS been a therapist.  But, I have ALWAYS been a S-LP in Southern Alberta - 30 years and counting!

I am a registered member of the Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (ACSLPA), Speech and Hearing Canada (SAC) and the Alberta Speech-Language Association 

of Private Practioners (ASAPP).

I hold many training certificates in programs such as Hanen's It Takes Two to Talk and ABC & Beyond, PODD, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Lidcombe Fluency Program and SCERTS.  As such, I am WELL TRAINED to help families with many different communication strategies, but my LOVE is helping the unintelligible child, getting first words started, and helping older children achieve success with sounds they never thought possible. 


After a long career in health, I began

Dragonfly Therapy Services to concentrate on what I do best and what I love ... letting the voices of children be heard and understood.  I want every family to have the choice of accessing service on their OWN terms - when they want and how they want. 


Speech & Language is my thing!




Dragonfly Therapy Services

The Dragonfly symbolizes

adaptability, creativity, inspiration, change & potential

- all the attributes of my approach!  I strive to individualize your child's program by addressing what is most concerning to you and how best to blend practice into your daily routines.  I do this by being creative in my activities and play; adapting as I go to match your needs.  If it’s not going to work at home, then I try something else.  I take inspiration from the things that bring you and your child joy. 

I celebrate all the changes - big and small and look for potential around every corner.

As a new graduate starting out 30 years ago, I learned very quickly that a parents' involvement was the key to the success their child made in his or her speech and language skills.  As a result, my therapy approach at Dragonfly Therapy Services is not to “just do therapy”, but instead to empower parents to be confident in their role as therapist at home!  Dragonfly Therapy Services ensures that you, the parent, have all the necessary skills, materials and activities needed to carry on at home, whether we are consulting, seeing you regularly or you are doing SPARK

At Dragonfly Therapy Services I use simple activities that are engaging and dynamic and easily transferable to home.  You will be given lots of opportunities to practice with your child during each session to ensure success at home.  At Dragonfly Therapy Services all practice targets and strategies are hand-picked for your child because like pebbles on a beach, no two children are the same.

Every child has a different learning style & pace. 

Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.

- Robert John Meehan

Communication is my Super Power ...
it can be yours too!

Seeing the joy in a parents' eyes when they hear their child's first EVER word; the first word they UNDERSTAND or a word that FINALLY sounds right never gets old.

Dragonfly Therapy Services specializes in .... 

Getting sounds going so your child can be understood!

Getting words started when there aren't any!

Getting success with sound errors that you never thought would change!

Coaching you to create the best start you can for your child!

Helping you
find your way if your child needs more than I can provide!

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